About ordinaryimages


Jerry Freeman, Kentucky Bluegrass, USA...faces, places, n' things

The premise of this page is handheld snapshots of the ordinary...a modest aspiration at best...but one that continually challenges, evolves, and stimulates me to discover dignity in the everyday. For me it's about placing a frame around atmospheric light and gesture...usually in 16:9 format at wide aperture. The printed image is very important to me...be it a framed print, a project print folio, or one off book ...images on a hard drive or posted to a web page is simply not challenge enough.

I use identical consumer point & shoot cameras mounted with prime lenses...a 24mm in one pocket and a 90mm in the other. This small light weight kit gives me a redundancy and an easy familiarity ...with the speed of switching cameras rather than lenses. On the shelf is yet another camera with a macro lens kept solely for my entertainment.

Favorite Photographers: [Josef Sudek] and [Elliot Erwitt]
Favorite Quote: "never trust air you can't see" [Jay Maisel]
Favorite Photograph: ...tomorrows !

Photography Equipment

Olympus Pen E-PM2 | ZD 12/2:0 45/1:7 60/2:8 Macro | 13" rMBP | Lightroom 4 | Epson 3800