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12 September 2008

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mauro brando on ...the way home
Nice shot!!!! Very original!!!

SalSa on ...the way home
Life is life

Ghassan on it snows then rains...then snows then...whatever
Another good one, Like how you turn every situation to you own good and make photos !

Ghassan on ...8 o'clock last night
Beautiful angels made by combination of wind and light for each falling piece of snow !

Richard Goldsworthy on ...une poire
another beautifully balanced still life

Goddess ☼ Ƹl¡ on ...the way home
just wonderful and cold sense ...

Nitin on ...the way home
Hey Jerry! I am sorry I haven't followed your blog for a while but married life has it's on toll on people, ...

Adrian on ...the way home
its been a real joy and pleasure connecting with you and your work, will miss seeing you here. best wishes for you, ...

ISA.H on ...katherine goes to work
The traces provide a beautiful design. Beautiful !

Serademain on ...a simple geometry
geometry is the best composition of

k@ on ...the way home
Life is constant change and i do understand you, 8 years, geez, i'm at 4 and something and already slow down a lot ...

dan on ...the way home
Let us follow tracks they drive somewhere ...

JD York on ...the way home
Jerry, it was fun blog sharing with you for the past year and a half while I was with AM3. I finally pulled my support ...

Abena on ...the way home
8years, woah! I hope to see some more of your images up on tumblr, I really enjoy the b&w's and you've ...

Marilla on ...the way home
This is a big surprise but I understand you and wish you all the best in the future. Hugs!

Eric C. on ...the way home
Good luck jerry ! Great shot !

Eric C. on ...katherine goes to work
Great shot !

Eric C. on it snows then rains...then snows then...whatever
Extra !

k@ on ...katherine goes to work
Wonderful graphism !

Adela Fonts on ...the way home
Like walking on water! I Like... Best regards, Adela

tim /\ʌ° on ...the way home
Damn, missed most of the past 8 years. If you are commented out, don't comment! :) Ah well, good light and good ...

hugo poon on ...the way home
An image of loneliness and emptiness... yet there's a feel of relief to it! Even before I read the title and ...

Mooie on ...the way home
:( Fine then. jk Glad you enjoyed your time here and you will be missed. Give your pooch a scratch behind the ear ...

Shar on ...the way home
Fitting image for your last post here...I will miss have inspired me many times in the past! Good luck to you ...

John on ...the way home
I recently joined here your images are amazing your eye and creativity will be missed

morgan on ...the way home
It's ben a fun journey watching your blog here. I will miss it. David Crane did this too awhile ago and I watch ...

Ani on ...the way home
Comme j'aime cette image Jerry !!!

Sharon Pleasants on ...the way home
:( Things will now really go back to ordinary. I wish you well.

Lydia.Dd on ...the way home
A long way with Aminus ...........hope you'll come again !

Mariana Maoduš on ...the way home
You will be back one day again .. :)

Heinz on ...the way home
Zum Abschluss noch eine sehr gute Aufnahme. Schade, ich werde es vermissen. Gruß Heinz

Veronique on ...the way home
Ok this is the way out for here and now you are in my RSS links :-) 8 years.....°l° !

Anna.C on ...the way home
I love the composition of your series on tumblr ! works better in series than one by one here !

Anna.C on ...katherine goes to work
oh , yes... prophetic... I see this one the graphic tracks !

Anna.C on ...the way home
Oh NO ! With whom am I going to have my coffee in the morning ? ;-) I follow your tracks, Jerry ! see you....

Ani on st...spying
Comme Thami, j'aime le côté ludique et le "focus" sur Katy. Elle dort tranquillement... ...

BiLL on st...spying
Such an usual shot. It works well.

grouser on ...katherine goes to work
Not a wrong turn then but a left turn. Nicely seen

Veronique on first shot today...
You are so creative !!!!

dan on ...katherine goes to work
Change of direction aesthetically very attractive.

Shar on ...katherine goes to work
Great composition...but as a Canadian who has had enough of winter, I never would have thought to take this picture!

carol williams on ...katherine goes to work
nice :)

Sharon Pleasants on ...katherine goes to work
Bet she wanted to sleep in! Great shot.

Mariana Maoduš on ...katherine goes to work
Love this Title ;)

rick on ...katherine goes to work
Well seen and photographed.

CarineB on ...katherine goes to work
Very good compo !

morgan on ...katherine goes to work
Intriguing shot!

Stu on ...katherine goes to work
....while you take great pictures. ;)

Annierita & Annisabelle on first shot today...
Very good shot, good idea to wear some clothes and to go out for this photo ! Annierita

Z on first shot today...
superb compo jerry!

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